Monday, June 2, 2014

Just Say "NO" to Word Verification!!

Please know that our Design Team appreciates and makes every effort to comment on each entry submitted to our challenges.   However, word verification on Blogger is making that very difficult and time consuming, because it requires us to enter letters and words that at times we can't understand.  So please, please if you have word verification on your blog comments consider taking it off! I understand you don't want spam  so please consider comment moderation instead of verification. Commenting should be easy, however the word verification makes it hard and time consuming, so effective TODAY, WE WILL NO LONGER LEAVE COMMENTS ON BLOGS USING WORD VERIFICATION.

Not sure how to turn it off?  Here’s how:
Go into your “design” tab
Click the “settings” tab
Then click the “posts and comments” tab
Scroll down to “show word verification for comments” and click NO
Then save settings.

Thank you for your understanding.


  1. Thanks, I never knew about that.

  2. You are welcome Chas. I think Bloggers adds it automatically when you start your account so a lot of new bloggers may not even realize its on.

  3. AMEN!!!!! I try hard to comment on blog entries too and those word verifications are a pain! They seem to have gotten more gibberish-like recently too and even harder to enter correctly.

  4. way to go! I HATE word verification!

  5. thank you ! I actually did it with your instructions !

  6. I have blogged for quite some time & I've only received one spammer. That's not bad odds.

  7. Thanks! I didn't know whether I had it or not - much less how to turn it OFF!

  8. Thank you.....I hate word verification. I think I have mine off but I will double check in the morning.

  9. Thank you! It is quite annoying and I understand people don't want spam. Just checked to make sure mine was still off.

  10. I had mine set to YES and didn't even know! Thank YOu!!!!!!!!!

  11. didn't know about it. thanks. turned mine off.

  12. Well done to all you ladies who has turned it off, it is such a time saver when commenting :)

  13. hello,

    i'm sorry for me it's impossible to remove captcha on my blog :(

    In France , it's difficult :s ( my blog is French )

    I can understand that's a problem ;)

    It's the same for us when we want to put a comment on your blog ;)

    Have a nice day !


  14. FYI! You can always set your blog to no word verification but put it on comment will be visible after blog owner approval. That will allow you to still weed out and manage spam.


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