Tuesday, July 28, 2015

Design Team Reveal Day 2~Sarah

Well I am a 29 year old mother of four amazingly, crazy little ones.  Two boys and two girls. The boys are the oldest, there 10 and 7. My girls are 4 and 2. So we have a busy house hold with 6 people and 4 animals. But I would never change it for anything in this world! They are my life and give me all the inspiration and reason to do what I love.  I grew up in Alaska on a tiny island and my mom started me on scrapbooking when I was 9 to give me something to do and keep me out of trouble and it worked. I slacked off for a few years when we moved to Alabama and I was in high school, but I started scraping again before I left school, pics of my friends and family. Shortly after I started a family of my own and got more engrossed with scrapping and making pretty home decor. So I've been scrapping for around 20 years, but slacked some in the middle. lol We now live in Arkansas. I love to scrapbook and not just the big moments, birthdays, holidays, family reunions and stuff. But the little stuff, I love the little stuff. I want my kids to look back threw there albums when there older and see the major things but also the little things. Pictures they never knew I took, sleeping, playing there games, sitting around watching tv, cuddling and just goofyness. I love what can be done with papers and a few embellishments to make something fantastic!


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