Thursday, July 25, 2013

Items to sell???

I know this may seem a little unorthodox so please forgive me but I must get the word out.  Hiya ladies, me and another scrappy friend have created a group where you can buy and sell your extra scrap goodies, you know all the stuff you HAD to have thats been sitting unused and untouched for years? Well here is your chance to get rid of it! If you are interested in joining a group like this, please let me know by requesting to join here.

Not really sure if our international members would be interested because of shipping cost but you can certainly join if you like! Please comment below if you would like to join. thanks


  1. I would like to join in please. I am sure I have a pile I could part with! (From Canada)

  2. Lily please click this link to join

  3. I would like to join too! Sounds like a great idea!

  4. Sounds great but with shipping to Austria, it is just not worth it. Very sad!

  5. I've put a request in to join, I live in Staffordshire, England.
    Fab idea even though there's plenty of other crafty selling groups.
    Marg ;) x


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