Friday, March 1, 2013

Thank You!

Happy Birthday To Us!

It was one year ago today that Let’s Get Sketchy was “born”! We know that a lot of scrapbook challenge blogs go up and come down the same year so we are very happy that you have allowed us to be your go to blog for your sketchy needs! 

Let’s Get Sketchy was started a year ago by Brenshevia, she then enlisted the help of 20 talented young ladies to showcase these wonderful sketches.  During the last year we have had a lot of talented women to grace our Design Team, I am very happy to announce that out of the 20 team members we started with, 8 of them are still on the team today ( I can’t seem to get rid of them….lol) not that I would want to!  Carla, Stacia, Laurie, Lynn, Melinda, Jenessa, Marit and Beverley, thank you for being such dedicated and committed team members!

In addition to these lovely ladies we also have the very talented Lanette, Debbie, Tracy, Stephanie, Michelle, Sherri, Alison and Stacey.  These 8 women are starting their 2nd 6 month term here at Let’s Get Sketchy and we love having them here!

We are thankful to all the Design Team members whose wonderful works have graced our page but we are mostly thankful for you, our loyal followers. We are truly grateful to each of you have supported us through this past year.  We do hope that you will continue to support us through the next.  Please grab our blinkie and place it on your blogs to help get the word out about us, we love our members, the more the merrier!

Now check out our Birthday Bash celebration that starts today!



  1. Happy Birthday LGS, and congrats on creating an inspiring, warm, and fun home on the web for all of us sketch loving fanatics Brenshevia. Big hugs to you today girlie xo

  2. Happy Birthday LGS! Thank you Brenshevia for all of your efforts and your support to inspire this fantastic team of ladies! And thanks to all our friends who participate! We love seeing your creations and love the inspiration you share with us as well!

  3. Happy Birthday LGS! It's been fantastic working here. The sketches are so much fun to work with and the team is so supportive. Our dedicated players are so talented too! Thanks for everything you do for us!!

  4. Happy birthday and thanks for all you do! Scrapping is so much more fun when there are challenges to inspire and motivate me! I wish you a year of more creativity! And thanks for all the work done to keep things up and running! That's inspiring, too!


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