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Saturday, March 3, 2012

Scavenger Hunt Game~~~Winner is Rosalynd!

Congrats Rosalynd!  You have 7 days to contact me to claim your prize.  thanks for playing along!

Are you familiar with the way scavenger hunt is played?  Well here is how we play it here at LGS.  Below you will find a list of scrapbooking items, the FIRST person to find ALL the items listed below and upload it to Mr. Linky wins.

Ok here is what you need to find exactly:

1 border punch
2 glue sticks
3 yellow flowers
4 green buttons
5 ribbons

Remember the first person to find all the items and upload below wins the great BB & EP kit below!


Rosalynd Kelly said...

OK, I followed the directions but I am not sure if the link works or not. Lots of fun going through the stuff in my scraproom to locate this!


Laurie LaRiviere said...

That was fast playing, congrats on your win!!

Kerys said...

Congratulatios Rosalynd! That was fast!

Rosalynd Kelly said...

Thank you!! I am so excited....it's fun to win once in awhile! I have tried to use the E-mail link on the sidebar to contact you, but it doesn't seem to be working. My e-mail is roz_37@hotmail.com

SheShe said...

Rosalynd can you email me your mailing address at letsgetsketchy@gmail.com. thanks!

Tab said...


Marilyn Peter said...

Congratulations on your win.

Laura said...

Congratulations Rosalynd!

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